Dualism: Aesthetics group

May 2014

The project “Dualism” is the new countdown, a manifest of the renewed Aesthetics crew and a platform for creative experiment. The first collaborative show of Petro and Slak is a visual research of dualistic artistic process, when two equal and at the same time opposite sides of the universum are sense and sensibility. Addressing this topic is not by chance. Petro and Slak are active followers of the new graffiti movement of abstract lettering. Denying most traditional graffiti canons, they don’t undermine its fundamentals. The nickname is the center piece of the their work, around which they built their composition. The abstract form is speculative and irrational but behing each combination of shape and color lies a clear idea of the artist, his incentives and goals. The nickname of a street artist – is a peculiar sign, the presence of the personality; and the very image, style, technique and colorway, convey the emotional message. Aesthetics demonstrate to the audience their own vision of the dualism of the whole with 10 diptychs, made with two different techniques – graphic and expressive painting. These abstract diptychs are the result of the thorough study of inner self during the artistic process, a closer look at the mechanisms of intellectual and sensual dialectic of art.

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