Kisses (Pozelui) by Philippenzo

September 2019

Pozelui (means kisses) instead police

In his work, the artist talks about fear as one of the basic human emotions, a protective mechanism that warns us against danger. According to the author, with the strengthening of the regime of law enforcement agencies in Russia, the increase in cases of detentions and beatings at peaceful rallies, unreasonable searches, drug planting and other violations of rights, the appearance of a police officer in public space often causes even a law-abiding citizen anxiety, instead of a sense of security and safety. As a canvas for his work, the artist uses a police stripe frame, replacing the text inside it: «from the horror genre, in the power of which we all are, it is known that evil is fueled by fear, and sated, it only becomes stronger. In my work, I resort to a common practice in art therapy to work out fears. The technique is simple, but effective-when you draw your fear in the form of something good, funny or pleasant, it dissolves, there is a replacement of negative feelings with positive ones. Not giving in to fear, you win» — says the author.

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