Last words by Faust

September 2018

Born and raised in New York City this prolific calligraphic artist with deep roots in graffiti is an ardent student of its history, unquestionably influenced by 50 years of graffiti writing on walls and subways. Whether on stickers or writing in snow script across the hood of a car, his hand style has given urban corners an elegance that belies his appreciation for the art – and a clean line. He works big on walls using his classic calligraphy style whether to spell out his name or to catch the passerby with a clever play on words, another true love. He also likes to go small by simply putting up stickers up wherever he goes. He adores the interaction between the space, the context, the work, and perfect placement. For Faust nothing is fortuitous or out of place. His is the true art of writing and his craftsmanship is borne from his love of his city and its storied streets.

Jamie Rojo and Steve Harrington

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