30 Faces

April 2019

Every year the 30 Faces festival organized by the creative association ARTMOSSPHERE, gathers Russian street artists all together and inviting them to take part in graffiti jam and create an open-air exhibition in real time. They are supported by other representatives of street culture – beatboxers, bboys and DJs.

30 Faces is a one-day graffiti jam, which was first held by ARTMOSSPHERE in 2013, since it has been held three more times and has become the flagship along with the Biennale. Every year the festival is held with a new theme, which serves as a pretext for the expression of street artists in different colors, shapes, fonts and styles.

In 2016, in Muzeon park, graffiti artists shared their ideas about honesty with the mobile operator Tele2, in 2017, with the same partner, the festival was held with the name 30 Faces of You, shifting the focus of attention to the viewer and calling for co-authorship in reading idea behind the work. In 2018, the theme of the 30 Faces of movement festival was devoted to the 90th anniversary of Gorky Park: the movement acted as a symbol of continuous development and active lifestyle, the center of which over the years was the park for city people.

Specially installed prisms serve as objects for expressing positions with spray cans: each of the three faces reflects the artist's personal point of view on the stated theme — 10 prisms, 30 faces, 30 opinions. The results of creative searches – 10 bright street objects – are installed as an open-air exhibition for next month, accompanied by various activities for visitors.

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