«Vyksa 10 000»: the largest mural in the world by Misha Most

June 2017

In June 2017 * * Misha Most * * completed the creation of monumental painting with an area of 10,800 m2 — this is the largest mural on the facade of the building in the world, the authorship of which belongs to one artist. Curator of the project — Sabina Chagina creative Association «Atmosfera». Work * * «Evolution-2» * * covers the facade of the industrial complex» Stan-5000 " Vyksa metallurgical plant, which is part of the United metallurgical company (Nizhny Novgorod region). The painting was created by the artist and five assistants in 45 days, with breaks for rainy weather, and presented to the public *** June 18* *as part of the traditional for Vyksa * * festival of urban culture «art ravine».

The Misha project of the Bridge was selected through an open competition «Vyksa 10 000», in which the jury included well-known artists, designers and architects. The organizers of the competition received 260 applications: sketches came from 34 countries, including Japan and Australia, as well as countries of Latin and Central America.

According to the expertise of the organizers of the project, the Association «Artmossfer», whose specialization-street art, the work of Misha Most'a is today ** the largest monumental wall paintings in the world**, the authorship of which belongs to one artist.

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