Еxhibition Terrasse sritique v 11.12 GALLERY

May 2017

ARTMOSPHERE union and 11.12 GALLERY presented the exhibition of Pablo Tomek and Ken Sorte, artists with great street art , founders of the PAL CREW group, one of the most inventive graffiti teams in Paris. Overcoming the influence of graffiti, each of them developed his own visual language, captivating the energy of the streets in his works. The opening of the exhibition of French artists took place within the framework of the TBRG Open platform which united talented people from all over the world with inspiration to create new cultural discoveries.

Both Pablo and Ken are in the habit of working alone nut this time, whilst in the process of forging some sort of synthetic portrait of present Moscow, they were keen to discover that there were definitely some methods shared between them. All the exhibition works were created during an art residence and represent the artists' understanding of the urban environment. The inspiration came from meeting people, the metro and construction sites, local graffiti, girls, parties, police – basically everybody and everything they saw during their stay.

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