ARTMOSPHERE's first capsule collection

September 2016

ARTMOSPHERE union, one of the main promoter of support and development of street art in Russia , presents its own capsule collection of clothes inspired by the community of street artists with which they cooperate. The collection was created in the framework of the II Biennale of Street Art in 2016.
An essential everyday set of clothes, characterized by crisp prints, will undoubtedly come in handy this fall — an umbrella with a simple and graphic drawing, a sweater, a variation of knitted trousers with unique piping, a warm T-shirt and a raincoat that will readily protect you casual clothes from wind, rain and sleet.
Basic and necessary garments undoubtedly inspired by street culture, but having not much common with street-wear as a direction, will prove to be suitable for anyone. Capsule collection ARTMOSPHERE — a collective image, which recognizes the features of the entire street art community and the basic elements of graffiti — spray-paint, abstract brush strokes, the cipher of the tag, the graphic of the stencil.
The concept of the brand and the design of the first collection was developed by Panika Derevya.
Clothes and accessories are made in Russia.
Presenting the beta version of the brand, ARTMOSPHERE sets the direction for future personal collaborations with artists, with whom it conducts continuous work, acting as an agent for the support of street art in Moscow and in Russia.

Apparel of the first capsule collection ARTMOSPHERE can be purchased on the website in the «Shop» section.

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