30 facets of fairness

July 2016

Thirty of the brightest street artists will gather at the MUSEON Arts Park to take part in a graffiti-jam and create an open-air exhibition that will be available for viewing during the next month, until August 9th.
Legendary DJ collective Flammable Beats, which knows no rivals in laying down nice funk and cool hip-hop records, will be uplifting the atmosphere for the artists throughout the day with their hot live-set. The event is organized by the ARTMOSPHERE union co-organized this with the help of Tele2 Russia mobile operator.
Participants: Misha Most, Kirill Kto, Andrey Adno, Aleksey Luka, Vova Nootk, Kirill Ashestin, Ivan Ninety, Petro, Slak, Aber, Sugar, Snekzy, Vedro, Zmogk, Quel, Glaz, Kio, JJ, Sy, Kamar, Rtue, Peeks, Kreemos, Grino, Gred, Се, Plushedelica, Artem Stefanov, Yeka Haski, Maxim Ima.
The theme of the graffiti-jam — honesty and modern its modern form — values that co-organizer [Tele2] company strongly believe in (http://msk.tele2.ru/), and are especially relevant for those who unambiguously convey their thoughts on the street. 30 representatives of the subculture will express what they think about honesty, creating their work in real time, in front of visitors of the Museon Art Park — in different colors, shapes, fonts and manner.
We invite you to come please your ears and eyes! Come have fun with music and art! Come watch and listen to good music!

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