METAFORMS Exhibition

April 2016

Street art merges with virtual reality
seven parallel worlds
The exhibition, organized by MARS Contemporary Art Center and ARTMOSPHERE creative association — is not just a tribute to the universal allure of high technology. Artists explore the development of modern art and the new opportunities that virtual reality opens up. Informality and interactivity underlying street art, help integrate the visitor with these new cultural experiments.
The exhibition gives visitors a chance to immerse into the consciousness of the artist and to witness the creation of an art object — a process very intimate and closed. This makes the METAFORM exhibition an entirely new experience and experiment, equally for the audience and project participants. Their doubts and intentions are open to anyone willing to share the atmosphere and workflow of the creative process in real-time. The exhibition space takes on a ghastly environments where parallel worlds become visible to everyone. With the help of virtual reality technologies, visitors acquire new, supernatural powers: enter different worlds, see through a person, and admire the cosmos in the window. Project participants master new tools and media: street art, previously embodied in paint and only on two-dimensional surfaces, becomes digital and voluminous. A 3D image rendered with VR glasses transfers the viewer inside a multi-dimensional space. It is worth noting that all elements of the exhibition space are created specifically for the exhibition — including the software of course. It was developed in effort with the artists and curators have plans for them — they will continue to advance and update the virtual «artmosphere». The works of art presented in the framework of «METAFORM», as often happens, become a prophecy and prologue of the advancing era of technological singularity: unconditional merging of man and technology, real and virtual worlds, a copious boost in creative capabilities — all these processes resulting in the birth of a metaform in art.

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