ARTMOSSPHERE Union is one of the main promoter of support and development of street art in Russia, the creator and organizer of the homonymous biennale of street art that was first held in Moscow in 2014, second in 2016, and this year will continue to accustom Moscow’s audience with the cult representatives of the street art world — from August 2018 to December 2018.

A continuation of the successful launch of the Biennale has become Russia’s first auction in support of street art organized in conjunction with RuArts Foundation. Exhibition # project64 and auction at VDNH provoked a wave of interest in collecting street art, and the grant for Russian street artists established within the framework of the biennale was an incentive to further work and a weighty support for new ideas of independent authors.

Among other significant projects of the association, it is worth mentioning the «Best City of the Earth» (LGZ) — the festival of the Department of Culture of Moscow, whose organizational and curatorial support has been completely endorsed by ARTMOSSPHERE. The festival made it possible to decorate the facades of houses in different parts of Moscow with bright and high-quality murals by leading Russian and foreign artists. By 2015, ARTMOSSPHERE together with the team of VDNH executed the longest and most ambitious public art program in today’s Russian practice: within six months, installations and sculptures of foreign and Russian artists appeared on the territory of VDNH.

Today ARTMOSSPHERE organizes and oversees exhibitions and music projects, independently or in collaboration with friendly creative forces. Thus, in April 2016, together with the MARS Contemporary Art Center, the artists and the ARTMOSSPHERE team became the creators of the VR exhibition METAFORMS — the first exhibition in Russia that combined the efforts of artists and the latest technologies of virtual reality.

Most street art activities in the city today can not go by without the support, participation or expertise of the creative association ARTMOSSPHERE: whether it’s graffiti jams or the appearance of a new facade in the city. ARTMOSSPHERE and the collaborating artists have been participating in the creation of new colorful facades in Vyksa for a number of years at the festival of new culture «Art-Ovrag». In the summer season of 2016, ARTMOSFERA acted as the curator of the project WALL at the Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD in the direction of street art — every month the main wall of WINZAVOD was renewed with fresh layers of color thanks to the artists of the association. In the summer of 2018, together with the artist Misha Most, we set a world record: we created the largest mural in the world with an area of 10,800 m² — this is the largest pictorial image on the facade of a building on the planet, the authorship of which belongs to one artist.


Our story began in 2008 with the mobile gallery «Street Kit» — a project for the popularization of street art on the basis of chamber exhibitions, art markets and related cultural events. With the scaling growth of the project the gallery of works by «Street Kit’s» street artists and the online store that accompanies it grew into the creative association ARTMOSFERA, who acted as the commissioner of the Moscow International Biennale of Street Art.

We not only carry out our own unique projects, but also act as an agency, providing full range of resources, knowledge and experience to commercial partners:

  • We carry out expertise of projects in the field of street and contemporary art;
  • Devise and produce art projects, carry out their curatorial and organizational support;
  • We comprehensively develop artistic and musical image-building events for brands;
  • Create and implement exclusive projects aimed at the reorganization of public spaces in a collaboration with the best street art artists;
  • Attract artists from around the world to rethink the company’s product, its filing and industrial design;
  • We develop the design of walls, facades and other objects of urban infrastructure;
  • Conduct educational lectures and master classes in the field of urban culture and street art.
Sabina Chagina
Co-founder, curator
Julia Vasilenko
Co-founder, producer
Darya Tsibulskaya
project manager
Marta Paknite
PR, editor, content manager
Andrew Gavrilov
technical manager
Kseniya Lipatova
marketing, strategy