Evgeniy Osnovin (Zhir)
Evgeniy Osnovin (Zhir)

Street artist born in Moscow region town Zheleznodorozhny, works from 1999.
From 2001 till 2013 was a member of “ХУЕ[1]” local crew, practicing their own town graffiti-bombing.
Zhenya Zhir combined painting in the street with basic art studies in the art school, he graduated institute with the “Art teacher” specialty afterwards and visited animation and cinema college.

Zhenya`s street works are multilayer geometric abstraction, zoomed to the size of the wall. They are close to modern post-internet art, based on the layers and textures superimposition with typical blur of design and art borders. When choosing the wall for the artwork, he prefers to pick up flat and clean concrete, with no paint or tags around.